Deadline (Curtea Veche Publishing, 2010, 2011)

coperta Deadline

“Beyond middle class drama and reflections on the techno-eco-bio obsessions of a generation caught between office work and virtual life, Deadline is, through the intelligent and sophisticated construction of a multi-layered story, through various and well managed style techniques, plus some successful literary tricks, a remarkable debut novel and one of the best novels of 2010.” (Marius Chivu, Dilema Veche)


“Allow me a rhetorical trick: Adina Rosetti’s book has a big fault: it is so well written, constantly so, that the reader is carried away by the rhythm of the writing and happens to pass by the characters and forgets, just for a moment, the whole story. “ (Daniel Nicolescu, Time Out Bucharest)


“Managing several style techniques perfectly, with irony and good sense of humor, the author succeeds to subtly blend the “reality” of fiction with fantastical touches, as naturally and unaffectedly as it only happens with great writers.” (Razvan Petrescu, writer)


“Adina Rosetti writes brilliantly. She builds up the story ingeniously, with accuracy and confidence, she captivates and enchants the reader, proving without doubt she is an author who knows what to tell and how to tell it. Briefly, for a debut novel, Deadline is much too good.” (Cristina Mitrea,